College quarterbacks searching for a competitive edge or simply looking to improve have found both here in San Diego. ...

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At our Mini #BlackOPS QB Schools, coaches from our Whitfield Athletix staff come from San Diego to your city to teach ...

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"Not only have each received the experienced, skins-on-the-wall guidance from NFL quarterback teacher turned LSU...

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CHICAGO -- He’s not competing for a starting job -- that was won on the field last season. But Michigan State...

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The Quarterback position is the most complex and difficult position to play in sports. Unfortunately, it is also the most undercoached position in football. At Whitfield Athletix we seek to build a complete Quarterback. We break the mold of commonly seen camps that just take drops and throw routes. We focus to develop proper mechanics while preparing Quarterbacks for real game situations. We will improve and sharpen your throwing motion then teach you how to play in any given situation. We strive to prepare you for any type of football evaluation and give you the tools to ascend to the next level.