#Mini BlackOPS Quarterback School

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#Mini BlackOPS Quarterback School

What is Mini #BlackOPS? – CLICK HERE



(left) Coach Matt Jope and (right) Coach Hank Speights getting ready to train our #BlackOPS QB school





AUGUST 2-3 - Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (closes 8/1)


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AUGUST 2-3 - Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (closes 8/1)


 - – - – - – - – - – -

AUGUST 9-10 – Denver, COLORADO (closes 8/5)


 - – - – - – - – - – -

AUGUST 16-17 – Atlanta, GEORGIA (closes 8/10)


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At our Mini #BlackOPS QB Schools, coaches from our Whitfield Athletix staff come from San Diego to your city to teach the finer aspects of Quarterback play.  Mini #BlackOPS is not your ordinary Quarterback camp.  

photo 5

Mini #BlackOPS QB School with coach Hank Speights

At Whitfield Athletix we don’t take your athlete through your traditional factory workshop of taking (100) – 3 step and 5 step drops.  We don’t line up a group of fifty athletes and throw routes.  Mini #BlackOPS is a specialized small group QB training program.  We strive to give each individual QB the tools he needs to be successful.

photo 4

DRGNSLYRS at our Mini #BlackOPS QB school


Our Mini #BlackOPS consists of (4) sessions throughout the weekend. Each session focuses on a specific principle towards building a better and more efficient passer. The Mini #BlackOPS weekend is littered with numerous competitions to cultivate a fun and competitive environment.

photo 4 copy

Coach Matt Jope training at our Mini #BlackOPS QB school in Virginia Beach, VA


The first session primarily focuses on analyzing each quarterback and diagnosing room for improvement.  From there we take the morning to teach proper base and setup. We teach young athletes how to use their entire body to generate power and accuracy throwing the football.


photo 4 copy 2

Coach Hank Speights going through the fundamentals of QB skills


We finish the morning session with a workshop on how to throw with touch.  After a lunch break we return in the afternoon for our second session.


photo 3

Coach Jope coaching at our Mini #BlackOPS QB School in Houston, TX



  •  Analyzing and Diagnosing each QB’s throwing motion
  • Teach proper base and setup
  • Playing with a “strong” lower body to generate velocity
  • Reorganizing our base
  • Using our system to become more accurate passers
  • Throwing with touch over man to man defenders
photo 3 copy 2

Coach Hank Speights training at our Mini #BlackOPS QB School


  •  Teach and drill how to throw on the run
  • Pocket movement
  • Pressure vs. Danger within the Pocket
  • Learning how to move within the structure of the pocket
photo 2

Coach Matt Jope taking a group shot with our Dragon Slayer QBs


  • Chaos/ Danger on the football field
  • Winning bad situations
  • Playing against free blitzers
  • Evading blitzers
  • Sustaining efficient play when the defense has an edge


photo 2-2

Virginia Beach, VA Mini #BlackOPS QB School


  •  Small Pocket conflict
  • Layering over zone defenders (flat, Hook to Curl, Alley, etc.)
  • Putting it all together and applying it to game situations.
photo 2 copy

Coach Hank Speights and Coach Sam Mora with our QB Cade Cross



Cities that have hosted our Mini #BlackOPS QB School

Little Rock, Arkansas

Greenville, South Carolina

Avon, Indiana

Atlanta, Georgia*

New Jersey, NJ

Montgomery, Alabama

Sacramento, California

West Virginia, West Virginia

San Antonio, Texas

Dallas, Texas****

Houston, Texas**

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Austin, Texas**

Washington D.C

Lindsborg, Kansas

Pasadena, California

Corpus Christi, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Charlotte, North Carolina

photo 1 copy 2

Group photo at our Mini #BlackOPS QB School



Interested in hosting one of our Mini #BlackOPS in your city?

Contact – WhitfieldQBacademy@gmail.com



All accommodation/transportation is the sole responsibility of the athlete

You must have proof of medical insurance/sign release form

No helmets are required, only your football, and cleats

Recommend QBs to bring at least one receiver (no cost)

Open to ALL AGES/LEVELS | From pop warner to college


For questions - TXT/CALL 619-708-5557