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Why is Ceramide good for the skin?

The outer layer of the skin (Epidemis) contains more than half of the fatty acid ceramide. It helps coat the skin and prevents the evaporation of water in the skin beauty. Reduce dry skin that causes irritated skin and other skin problems such as premature aging, crow’s

How often should Bathing?

Our skin generally contains a natural layer of lipids and good bacteria that keep it hydrated and healthy. Bathing too frequently can cause the skin to lose these skin components, which can cause dry, itchy, or peeling skin, and may impair the skin’s immune system. Bacteria can then

Nail care techniques for healthy nails.

In addition to Nail care every day, nourish your nails with these methods. May help increase nail strength and helps make nails shiny. Have good health in the long term Avoid biting your nails. This may cause the surrounding skin to be damaged, making it easier for germs