Know about diabetes before it becomes dangerous.

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Know about diabetes before it becomes dangerous.

“Diabetes” is a serious disease that is not chronically contagious. It doesn’t sound that serious. But believe it or not? This disease is more serious than you think. If you don’t know how to prevent it before.

Statistics for “Diabetes”

From statistics it is found that Currently, approximately 5 million Thai people have diabetes, and the tendency to have diabetes is steadily increasing. From 1991 to 2014, the number of people with diabetes has increased to 8.9%. In addition, it has found that the population has died from diabetes and its complications. 21.96% and still can control sugar levels very little, about 40%, While being able to control all 3 things, namely sugar levels, fat, and blood pressure, only about 12%.

What is diabetes ?

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the chronic non-communicable diseases. Or is it a condition in which the body has higher blood sugar than normal? Due to insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. This results in the process of absorbing blood sugar into energy for the cells in the body. There is an abnormality or does not work at full efficiency. until a large amount of sugar accumulates in the blood If the body is left in this state Over a long period of time. It will cause various organs to deteriorate, causing disease and complications to occur easily.

Watch for symptoms of “diabetes”

Important symptoms that can be observed by oneself are frequent urination at night, frequent hunger, eating sparingly but losing weight, numbness in the hands and feet, wounds healing slowly, fatigue, and abnormal eyesight. Because if complications occur, May result in macular degeneration, pressure sores, and easily become infected. Especially fungal and bacterial infections. which is an important cause resulting in disability in various organs

Take care of yourself and control your diet.

Diet control for “diabetic” patients is very important. “Diabetes medicine” is commonly used. You can control sugar from food to only 45-60 grams per meal. When thinking about steamed rice, you will not get more than 3-4 ladles of rice, while you may eat more than 4 ladles of rice, which has more sugar than the medicine can control. Therefore, changing white rice to brown rice, vermicelli, whole wheat bread or whole grains is There will be dietary fiber that can actually help reduce blood sugar levels. However, it is still necessary to control the amount like white rice. Therefore, you should not eat grains in addition to rice, such as eating rice with fried pumpkin. or rice and fried glass noodles, etc.

Exercise…is important

Regular “exercise” helps control blood sugar levels. Can reduce the amount of medicine or insulin injections. You should exercise without impact or low impact, such as walking, cycling, swimming. Choose the appropriate intensity of exercise.