Reduce blood sugar in a simple way

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Reduce blood sugar in a simple way

Many people already know about diabetes. But many people don’t know how to lower blood sugar. Lowering blood sugar is considered a good method for people who control their weight, have diabetes, and really want to reduce their sugar. Let’s see what’s there today.

How to lower blood sugar is how people lose weight. or people with diabetes Find out what you can do to lower your blood sugar. Here’s how.

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps reduce insulin resistance ยูฟ่าเบท and also stimulates the body to use more sugar for energy. The accumulated blood sugar level can be continuously reduced. Especially if you exercise regularly, this group of patients will be able to control their blood sugar level effectively.

Reduce plus choose to eat flour.

In addition to reducing the consumption of carbohydrate foods, The way to lower blood sugar so that you can still eat starch is to choose to eat carbohydrates that are good for the body, such as changing from white rice to brown rice, unpolished rice, or stopping eating white bread and eating whole wheat. or whole grain bread instead

Eat a lot of vegetables.

Fiber from vegetables helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates or starches from the food we eat. That means The absorption of sugar into the bloodstream is slow too, so if you don’t want your blood sugar level to spike to the point of danger. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. is another very good way

Measure blood sugar levels regularly

For people who already have diabetes Or are at risk of having diabetes because blood sugar levels are worrisomely high. In this case, blood sugar levels should be checked regularly. At least once a month To check whether our blood sugar level has decreased or increased. This method will help us take care of ourselves in a more correct way.

Sip water often

By allowing ourselves to feel thirsty, we tend to want to drink something sweet to refresh ourselves. Therefore, to prevent yourself from increasing your blood sugar. You should drink lots of water and sip water often so that your body can always replenish moisture. Drinking a lot of water like this will help the liver flush out excess sugar in the blood through the urine.

Eat green leafy vegetables

Almost all green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium. A great helper in reducing blood sugar levels very well. Because magnesium is not only good for blood health. But it is also considered an excellent source of blood nutrients. Playing with vegetables isn’t actually any kind of vegetable. But please have high fiber. And green leaves are enough.