How does bingo play? Things to know first Play

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How does bingo play? Things to know first Play

Before knowing how to play bingo online, we will introduce the bingo format first, where the key ingredient is the bingo number plate or the table. Can play this card game through online channels ทางเข้า UFABET There will be a total of 25 grids. Which are divid into 5 horizontal rows and 5 vertical rows. Place all 24 pieces.

in which each channel There will be different numbers because in the middle box will be like free numbers and grid sheets. will be divid into 15 sets, of course.

Every sheet is different to be as random. To get a winner broken if the system is online It will be randomize by AI.

In the part of bingo numbers or checkers with that number There will be numbers from 1 – 60. And of course in the bingo grid there will be numbers from 1 – 60.

But in that 1 sheet there are only 24 numbers. That the player can place the checkers down to get checkers sorte by winning pattern

Which will have the steps to play as follows.

  1. Players must select a sheet. own which will select any number set from 1 – 15
  2. In all the players There must be one person responsible for picking up. The numbers and calling or pronouncing the player. match the numbers picked from the container
  3. Players must place the pieces in the boxes that have been call numbers.
  4. when there is a player Anyone. who arranges pieces. according to the nature of the winner would have to say “Bingo” 
  5. Then the person responsible for calling the numbers must check that Those who say “Bingo” put the numbers to match the numbers that are call or not. If they are, the game will be over and if not, the game will have to continue. until the real winner

If playing bingo games by placing bets. Bets will be place by agreeing to bet Against the price of 1 sheet. For example, agreeing the price of 5 baht per card, Those who choose to play 1 card will have to lose their bets. In that round, 5 baht