Marsh will still be hoping for a chance to take charge of Leeds

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Marsh will still be hoping for a chance to take charge of Leeds. Despite being relegate or not.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh still hopes to have the opportunity to manage the team. Whether the team will survive or not survive relegation from the Premier League this season. Report from UFABET

Leeds United have the same points as Burnley. But their goals are inferior. So only in the final game they have to have a better result than Burnley to survive. with them away to Brentford in the final game of the season.

“I still have plans with the team. Even if in the end we have to be relegated It’s a long-term plan. And the club has confirm to me in this way. The relationship between them is good. Getting good support from everyone is wonderful. But now, things are far from me, I don’t think I’m only interested in this Sunday game. and the best preparation of the team.”

“We are all very excited about this challenge. We know we will do our best. Since I moved to get a job here I never thought it would be easy. And we were clear that we had to give everything to win this game. That is the best chance for the survival of the team.”

Marsh has manage 11 games with Leeds, 3 wins, 3 draws, 5 losses this season.