Ronaldo is cold swells Man Utd cut wages

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Ronaldo is cold, swells, Man Utd cut wages if teams lose tickets Champions League next season

Cristiano Ronaldo could be cut from £385,000-a-week. A 25 per cent reduction if he fails to lead. Manchester United Football Club has won a ticket to play in the UEFA Champions League. next season According to reports from The UFABET

The 36-year-old star moved from Juventus to join the Red Devils on the transfer market. Last summer, with a projected value of 20 million pounds, but the overall performance of the Red Devils was not as hot as many fans had hoped, until Ole Gunnar Solskjaer parted ways with the team that sent results. Such work and became Ralph Rangnick, who took charge of the army in the position of acting team manager until the end of this season.

The report suggests Ronaldo will be slash from his previous salary of £385,000-a-week. down to just £288,000 a week That would become the smallest amount he has ever received in years

, while the Daily Mail reported that he accepted the Red Devils’ contract in the summer, albeit at a lower value than the one he had received with the army. Zebra was up to around £500,000-a-week earlier, while the Red Devils were earning the same salary as Ronaldo, David de Gea, at around £375,000-a-week.