Skriniar opens up about leading Inter vs Liverpool

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Skriniar opens up about leading Inter vs Liverpool in UCL round of 16

Inter Milan Milan Skriniar has open up. About leading the Italians to face Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first-leg kick-off in mid-month. next february

“Even if our opponents in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 are strong teams like Liverpool. It’s not a big deal. Because personally. I strongly believe in Inter Milan,” Skriniar told UFABET.

As it is the number one competition in the world. Therefore we have prepare ourselves from the beginning that no game will be easy for sure. Especially in the knockout round in February, where there is a packed kick-off program for both cup-ball-league football. It’s very ruthless.”

“However I don’t care how tired I am. Because the original intention was to go on the field to help the team every match. But I also understand how it works as a professional footballer that in fact we can’t play 60 games per game.

“Last season we were unfortunately eliminated. But it’s still good to win the Serie A title, where playing in the Italian league is highly tactical, while European games against teams from other countries are completely different.”

“When we faced Real Madrid we fought quite well. because there is time to play according to the game that you like But whenever they play against an English team, they keep running, running, running, but that’s a challenge to overcome as well.