Whitfield Rock Tour

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What is the George Whitfield Rock Tour?

Great question! Imagine a charter bus (a big one), a fifty-five seater full of top QBs from all over the United States.  You land in Tampa Florida where you visit U of Southern Florida, get a chance to meet the coaches, and then your on the bus to Florida State University!  Eventually you would hit about 11-17 D1 Universities within a week!  Sometimes you’ll be at two schools within the same day.

Rock Tour 2011 Day 11 098

University of Michigan (Rock Tour 2011)


#GoPRO promo of the Rock Tour

Its a lot of fun building comrade, and making lifelong friends who all have one common theme.  Since the inception of the Whitfield Rock Tour, over 52 scholarships were offered!  And they all started with the ones on the Whitfield Rock Tour!  For more information please contact us early 2013!   Whitfieldqbacademy@gmail.com.


Vanderbilt University (Rock Tour 2013)


The Whitfield Rock Tour was created by coach George Whitfield Jr.  The few selected get a chance of a lifetime to tour and show off their skills at top D1 Football Universities in the nation!  For more information on how to sign up please contact us!

Next tour date projected:  TBA


Vanderbilt University (Rock Tour 2013)

Read the article below by ESPN Insider, Bruce Feldman.

Next month thousands of high school football players will visit college campuses in hopes of catching the eye of coaches. Some will arrive at these schools already armed with scholarship offers — but most will not. These kids, at the very least, can expect to pick up a few tips, see roughly where their talent level measures up to other football players their age and hopefully meet some famous coaches and that experience will last a lifetime. The camps are supposed to be set up for instructional purposes, but in truth, they are de facto try-out camps.


2013 Rock Tour Highlights



 George Whitfield, a self-described “Quarterback Builder” in the San Diego area, has devised a plan to try and maximize the football camp scene. Whitfield, a former Arena Football QB, is leading a group of 25 athletes (most of them quarterbacks) on a 10-day journey on a chartered bus trip to 10 colleges on the east coast known as “the Rock Tour.”

Rock Tour Day 2 095

Visiting Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) at IMG Academy with our Rock Tour 2011 group

     The group flies from California to Miami on June 12, which kicks off a tour that goes from UM to FAU to UF to FSU to Georgia to Alabama to Kentucky to Ohio State to Penn State and then finally onto Maryland. All of the school visits, save for the tour of the FAU facilities, will include camp workouts.

Rock Tour 2011 Day 6 308

LB Zach Higginbotham working out at Vanderbilt University during our Whitfield Rock Tour 2011, Zach is currently playing football at Cincinnati University

“When I was initially talking about this idea, I had five or six quarterbacks in the training session and I explained the concept,” said Whitfield, a former Tiffin University QB. “I talked about how we’re going to go every day and bus it to the next place. And then I heard two kids talking and said, ‘That’s kinda like what rock stars do. 

Rock Tour Day 4 233 (107)

University of Florida (Rock Tour 2011)

This is like a rock tour, isn’t it coach?’ So I honed in on that analogy. It’s travelling, doing your absolute best for that audience, putting on a show, packing up, travelling to the next place, unpack and put on another show and then go and go and go.”


University of Michigan (Rock Tour 2013)

“It’s exciting,” he said. “We have a lot of kids that have a chance to emerge. These guys have the chance to make 10 unofficial visits. At a place like Ohio State, they’ll have 45 or 50 colleges in attendance with MAC schools. Plus, these guys will band together and be friends for life I know it. They’ll be tight after this.”


University of Alabama (Rock Tour 2010)

The Rock Tour also helps build his brand as a private QB tutor, a field which has really boomed in the past decade. Whitfield, who helped groom Hunter Cantwell and Tony Pike, generated some buzz on the internet a few months ago when a 15-minute video he did offering possible training tips to revise Tim Tebow’s throwing motion went viral.

Rock Tour Day 3 026

Quick Beach break in Florida (Rock Tour 2011)

Whitfield staged his first Rock Tour last year. He didn’t use a bus. Instead, he had eight fathers rotate driving five SUVs on the 2,200-mile trip. The group featured mostly underclassmen quarterbacks. “They now understand that it’s a different type of pace,” said Whitfield. “Normally, you hit a camp for two days. This year they understand we’re going 10 days in a row. They know to make sure that Day 5, 6 and 7 feels like Day 1, 2 and 3.

Rock Tour 2011 Day 11 163

Visiting coach George Whitfield Jr.’s former high school, Massillon high school during our Rock Tour 2011

“We’re hitting more powerhouses this year. Miami, FSU, Florida, Ohio St. and Alabama have all won national titles in the last 10 years.”



Visiting the Lincoln Memorial with our Rock Tour 2010

One of the QBs on last year’s Rock Tour, Robert Partridge, parlayed the trip into seven college scholarship offers after his performance at Ohio State’s camp, Whitfield said. Partridge ended up signing with one of those schools, Miami of Ohio.



University of Louisville (Rock Tour 2013)

The most touted prospect going into this trip is Mikhail Miller, a 6-3 quarterback from Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Miss. Miller is joining the camp in Miami, but is actually flying to San Diego on June 1 for five days to train with Whitfield. “His parents were really nervous,” Whitfield said. “If he’s gong to be in front of that many schools we want to make sure he’s ironed out. We’ll train 4 or 5 hours a day.”

Rock Tour 2011 Day 9 151

University of Illinois (Rock Tour 2011)

Miller already has offers from Ole Miss, Memphis, Arkansas State and UAB, according to his father. “This is going to be a good learning experience for him,” said Mikhail’s father Hubert. “We went online and researched it.”

Rock Tour 2011 Day 11 (Continued) 011

Visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Rock Tour 2011)

“We want to see what’s out there for him. Because he has played baseball every summer, he has been short-changed and this will allow him to get some exposure.”

The exposure part is the key.



QB Aaron Murray (Kansas City Chiefs) giving advice to our Rock Tour athletes

“There are several big events quarterbacks can partake in around the country,” Whitfield said. “For instance, the Elite 11 camps and Dream Maker
competitions are prestigious and national draws.


Rock Tour Day 5 139

Visiting the Martin Luther King Memorial Site with our Rock Tour 2011

This tour, however, is the truest ‘dream-making’ opportunity for an aspiring athlete. Is there a bigger opportunity, more pragmatic than working out and throwing for actual decision makers? These guys are going to perform for legendary coaches at national powerhouses for ten days straight, and literally have the ability to come off the field with a scholarship offer.”



Notre Dame University (Rock Tour 2013)


“Imagine being 15, 16, 17 years old and Nick Saban pats you on the back after a drill, two days later Jim Tressel says “great pass.” Twenty-four hours after that, you walk off the field with Joe Paterno. This is an experience every sports fan would die to be apart of, not just up-and-coming quarterbacks.”


The George Whitfield Rock Tour Promo



Ohio State University (Rock Tour 2010)



University of Michigan (Rock Tour 2013)



Visiting the team room at University of Alabama with our Rock Tour 2010



Visiting the indoor facility at University of Alabama (Rock Tour 2010)


2010 George Whitfield Rock Tour Promo