Quarterbacks Current and Alumni

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Quarterbacks Current and Alumni

Alumni to NFL 






Draft Pick

NFL Team

 Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M 2014 1st round   Draft (#22 overall) Cleveland Browns
 Logan Thomas  QB  Virginia Tech  2014 4th round  Draft (#120 overall)  Arizona Cardinals
 Mike Evans  WR  Texas A&M  2014 1st round  Draft (#7 overall)  Buccaneers
Aaron Murray QB Georgia 2014 5th round  Draft (#163 overall) Kansas Chiefs
Tajh Boyd QB Clemson 2014 6th round Draft (#213 overall) New York Jets
 EJ Manuel QB Florida State  2013 1st round Draft (#16 overall) Buffalo Bills
Landry Jones QB Oklahoma 2013 4th round Draft (#115 overall)  Pittsburgh Steelers
Pat White QB  West Virginia 2013 2nd round Redskin signed  Miami Dolphins
 Matt Scott QB  Arizona 2013 - Undrafted/Signed Jacksonville Jaguars
Nate Montana QB Montana 2013 - 49ers camp invite -
Johnny McEntee QB UConn 2013 - - -
 Andrew Luck  QB  Stanford  2012 1st round  Draft (#1 overall) Indianapolis Colts
Jarrett Lee QB LSU 2012 - Undrafted/Signed San Diego Chargers
 Cam Newton QB Auburn 2011 1st round  Draft (#1 overall) Carolina Panthers
Justin Roper QB Montana 2011 - Undrafted -
Rusty Smith QB Florida Atlantic 2010 6th round (Draft #176 overall)  Tennessee Titans
Tony Pike QB Cincinnati 2010 6th round Draft (#204 overall) Carolina Panthers
Hunter Cantwell QB Louisville 2009 - Undrafted/Signed Carolina Panthers
Chase Clement QB Rice 2009 - Undrafted CFL/UFL


Whitfield Athletics NFL draft prep beach workout with J Manziel, L Thomas & Mike Evans

QB Logan Thomas (Arizona Cardinals) and QB Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Brown) training for their 2014 NFL Draft Preparations in San Diego, CA

NFL Pro Quarterbacks Alumni 



Year Trained

NFL Team

Brady Quinn QB 2013 St. Louis Rams
 Jordan Palmer  QB  2013 Jacksonville Jaguars
 Vince Young  QB  2012  Packers
 Donovan McNabb QB 2012 Eagles
Ben Roethlisberger QB 2010  Pittsburgh Steelers

Donovan McNabb training with coach George Whitfield Jr., during April 2012



College Quarterbacks Alumni





Bryce Petty QB Currently Training Baylor
Tanner Lee QB Currently Training Tulane
Brandon Harris QB Currently Training LSU
Connor Cook  QB  Currently Training Michigan State
Johnny Stanton QB  Currently Training Nebraska
Everett Golson QB Currently Training Notre Dame
Brown, Shaye QB Currently Training Northern Michigan
Smith, Bryce QB Currently Training Indiana
Evans, Dane QB Currently Training Tulsa
Towles, Patrick QB Currently Training Kentucky
Gregory McPherson QB Currently Training West Virginia
Jordan, Lamar QB Currently Training New Mexico
Webb, Davis QB Currently Training Texas Tech
Gibbs, John QB Currently Training Alcorn State
Fugate, Garrett QB Currently Training Central Missouri
Buchana, Ryan QB Currently Training Ole Miss
Pipkin, Antonio QB Currently Training Tiffin
Jennings, Anthony QB Currently Training LSU
Hempel, Conner QB Currently Training Harvard
Heaps, Jake QB Currently Training Kansas
Worley, Justin QB Currently Training Tennessee
Joshua Dobbs QB Currently Training Texas
Tim Burns QB Currently Training Coastal Carolina
Jason Thompson QB Currently Training Utah
Chase Murman QB Currently Training Concordia
William Nahm QB Currently Training Pomona
Gavin McCarney QB Pro Day Colgate
Williams Marquise QB Currently Training North Carolina
Dakota Prukop QB Currently Training Montana State
Jerrod Heard QB Currently Training Texas
Jacob Karam QB Currently Training Memphis
James Franklin QB Currently Training Missouri
Anthony Gennaro  QB Currently Training Morningside
Billy Barrett  QB Currently Training Miami of Ohio
Kevin Burke  QB Currently Training Mount Union
Nate German  QB Currently Training Rice
Asianti Woulard  QB Currently Training UCLA
Munchie Legaux  QB Currently Training Cincinnati
Luke Del Rio  QB  Currently Training Alabama
Michael Welch  QB  Currently Training Miami
Blaire Sullivan  QB  Currently Training UTEP
Chad Kelley  QB  Currently Training Clemson
Vad Lee  QB Currently Training James Madison
Max Wittek  QB  Currently Training USC
Devin Gardner  QB  Currently Training Michigan
Braxton Miller  QB  Currently Training Ohio State
Pete Thomas  QB  Currently Training North Carolina State
Danny Etling  QB  Currently Training Purdue
Brett Nelson  QB  Currently Training Louisville
Tanner Wrisley   QB  Currently Training Harvard
Connor Wood   QB Currently Training Colorado
Aaron Aiken   QB Currently Training Georgetown
Eric Laurent QB Currently Training Mizzou
Kyle Gasner  QB 2013 Capital State University
Connor Donahue QB 2013 Willamette
Chase Knox  QB 2013 Wisconsin
Shane Dillon  QB 2012 Colorado
Maikhail Miller QB 2012 Ole Miss




QB EJ Manuel (Buffalo Bills) training during his spring break with Whitfield Athletix



Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) preparing for his 2012 NFL Draft Prep



LEFT – QB Landry Jones (Pittsburgh Steelers) and RIGHT – Tajh Boyd (New York Jets) training during their college spring break



LEFT – Jarrett Lee (Chargers) and RIGHT – Pete Thomas training during their winter break with coach George Whitfield Jr. in San Diego, CA


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.30.27 AM

QB Everett Golson training during his fall semester off from Notre Dame in San Diego, CA with Whitfield Athletix



Whitfield Athletix college QB prep clinic for NFL draft

Johnny Manziel training for his 2014 NFL Draft Preparations with coach George Whitfield Jr.



Vince Young training under Coach George Whitfield Jr. in San Diego, CA